1 Thing You Need To Do To Sustain Your Voiceover Business


By Evan Schmitt

You’re going for the next sale because getting paid to use your voice is a lot of fun. But wait, consider building a friendship before you just make the quick sale.

When you build a friendship, you build trust. You trust your friends, right? So when you meet a warm lead (potential client), don’t try hard to make a sale. Don’t even try at all! You could turn them away in disgust.

Instead, be a friend and be there when they need you. Introduce yourself and wish them a good week or weekend. I’ve had many gigs “fall out of the sky” because I met people (years before in some cases), stayed in contact and when I WAS NEEDED, they contacted me. I didn’t have to do any sales pitch, no Facebook or Google ads. I simply answered the call.

I don’t think that would have happened if I had aggressively tried to make a sale. When you hire someone, you hire people you like and trust. Spend time in your clients’ shoes and you’ll book more work. Open as many doors as possible and you will find work without auditioning. It just takes time. Humans drink when they are thirsty. Voiceover talent are only hired when they are absolutely needed.

Trust is required in business. Voiceover pro Dave Courvoisier even started a Facebook group that addresses trust and relationships within the industry. If you can establish trust between you and a client, do whatever you can to keep it.

My friend Bob Souer says voiceover is a great way to make a living, but it’s a terrible way to make a living quickly. Let your relationships grow. Don’t expect business to pick up overnight. Be nice, be useful and provide something of value and I assure you something good will happen.

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