Should You Join A Voiceover Marketplace?

The Internet has changed the game for voiceover. Before the web, you either had to be in the media centers (LA, NY or Chicago) or work for a tv or radio station to find voice work. The audio equipment was all in professional studios. The means of high quality production were not in your home. Then the Internet came and brought with it affordable audio equipment. Game changed.


Casting websites (pay to play membership sites) came around at the turn of the century and filled the niche of connecting buyer to seller., Fiverr, VoiceBunny and Voice123 are just a few to name. The voiceover marketplaces remove geographical barriers and connect talent seekers with voiceover talent for projects of all sizes. This article is about helping you make the decision of whether to join or not. For the record, I am not a member of any casting marketplace (but I have been a member in the past).


You should join a casting site for these reasons:

  • You want access to auditions from major casting agencies and talent seekers
  • You have the capital to afford an membership on these sites.
  • You love competition
  • You don’t want to invest in a website at the moment and just want to find voiceover work


You should not join a casting site for these reasons:

  • You have an agent who gives you auditions (more than you can handle)
  • You have little or no capital to invest in a membership
  • You want to keep middlemen out and develop direct relationships with clients
  • You want to keep your expenses low
  • You feel like you can get higher rates on your own


I hope these reasons help you make your decision. Like I said, I don’t want my bias to persuade you. It is your decision, not mine, to make. These marketplaces present opportunities that didn’t exist 20 years ago. The game has been changed and the home studios are here to stay. It’s up to you to find your own path through the voiceover universe.


Thanks for reading!

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