How to Get a Voiceover Agent


By Evan Schmitt

As a voiceover talent, you should be marketing yourself everyday. If you’re not, here are three ways you can do it today.

So you want an agent?

First things first, do you have a professionally produced demo? No? Get professionally trained and get one produced. Yes? Great! If it’s a commercial demo, make sure it’s a minute. This is the industry standard and the agent on the other side of the conversation is very short on time.

The demo is absolutely required. I don’t know any agent who will talk to anyone without one. Your demo is how they sell you and they need it in order to sign you on their roster.

Once you have your demo, write a solid introductory email that is no more than three sentences. Say “hi, I’m a (union or non union) voice talent and I’m interested in joining your roster. My demo (and one page resume in PDF format if you have it) is attached for your convenience. Thank you for your time, (your name)”

That’s it. You can use that, just insert your info. Your demo will do the talking.

If they like you, they will write back.

Follow up every few weeks until you get a response. They will tell you yes or no eventually. Be nice either way.

The most important part is to show value. That’s what they want. Value they can sell their client. Write to as many agencies that invite submissions. Always read their guidelines if they specify. Never call them. Never get stuck on one agency. There are hundreds of agencies and one of them will sign you if you have something they need. Just keep knocking and someone will answer.

I love my manager and my agents. They are worth it because they will fight for you. They take care of you and go the extra mile. They are one more log in your voiceover fire. A log waiting to ignite.

Let me know your feedback and please share if you found this useful.