What the Navy SEALs Taught Me About Life


By Evan Schmitt

The other day, I had the good fortune of a last minute booking based on a recommendation. The client was the Navy SEAL Foundation and the event was a 5k run. Live event announcing gigs were some of my first paying voiceover gigs starting about 7 years ago. All was well and good, except I didn’t go into it 100% healthy.

But was I going to say anything? No and I wasn’t going to complain either. I’m surrounded by Navy SEALs! I knew better!

So what did I learn from this experience?

  1. You can grind it out. I had some nasal congestion that I was fighting. I was on some medication for it. I didn’t sound like myself but did it matter? Not so much because these people hadn’t heard me before. So I just had to summon the energy and get the job done. The free coffee drink sponsor for the event also helped me tremendously.
  2. Discipline and focus helps you. Most events I do, they run late. Awards run late and people usually complain. This event was different. Should we be surprised? No. It’s the Navy SEALs. We were ahead of schedule for everything. I left the venue before my projected time. I was home taking a nap with my dog before noon!

It’s always relative. The discomfort you’re feeling, the company you are around, everything. You always have good and bad days. If these were people I knew, I probably would have disclosed my mild congestion. But isn’t that just an excuse? And these military veterans are probably the last people you want to give an excuse to. So you pull it together and do it. Ride out the storm.

What are some experiences where you pulled through? Email them to me, evan@evanschmitt.com.

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