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Good voiceovers soothe like a good waterfall.

Your story is your baby. I get it. Whether it’s an audiobook, a commercial, a movie, your voicemail at work or a project for work, it has to sound good to you. Your voiceovers has to land on the mark. You want it to represent and tell the story you want to tell. A narrator can make or break you project, because how many times have you heard “oh, did you hear that voice?” or “I couldn’t keep listening” or “I couldn’t stop listening?” That last question is that one you want because you want people to stay tuned.

The voiceovers on your project has to grab attention. You have to keep them on the edge of their seats even when they have the entire seat under them. As humans, we want to hear someone that we like. That isn’t necessarily one specific person, but when you find a sound you like, you need to lock that down and you need to book them for the next year.

A good voiceover produces results and it gets people to take action. It gets people to listen and it keeps them awake. In business, you are trying to get the sale to keep you in business one more day. Voiceovers are a part of the marketing ecosystem that keeps your business afloat. We are all fighting to fight another day and your marketing plan should include voiceovers.

But can’t I do it myself?

Yes, you can but what if you want to sound like someone else? Are you going to imitate? What if you sound like the complete opposite of who you are? What if you want it to sound like someone who fits your project? You need to hire someone else because DIY doesn’t always apply. I may be the sound you want or I may not be. Yes you can do your own voiceover, but when you pay me to do it, you are getting quality on the first try. I’ve put thousands of hours in front of a microphone so that you can buy a top-notch read from the beginning. After all, you get what you pay for, right?

My voice has been in audiobooks, commercials, corporate videos, phone systems, explainer videos for kickstarter and live events. I’ve worked with global brands like Microsoft, Nestle, the Navy Seal Foundation and PepsiCo. My audiobook titles have hit the best seller list on Audible twice. You can have all that experience packed into one voiceover spot and the truth is, you won’t break the bank either!

If this sounds like you, I want to bring your story to life. Have a listen. If I’m a fit, please do reach out and contact me.

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