Audiobook Production and Narration

Audiobook Narration and Production

Audiobook Narration and Production can help grow your following

So why do you want to produce an audiobook? Do you want to reach a bigger audience? Do you want create a derivative of your current work (your books)? Are you looking to bring a new dimension to the worlds you’ve created? Did you see an ad for If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, keep reading.

Here are three compelling reasons for you to get your book in audio format ASAP.

Reason 1: An audiobook production brings your story to life

You undoubtedly have a great story to tell. I just know it. Listening to your story read by a human being takes it to a whole new level. A audiobook narrator can add emphasis, breathe life into dialogue and paint a visual landscape for the listener.

Reason 2: Audiobooks attract new fans

Audio reaches people in places where books may not be able to be read. People listen to books while they are commuting. They listen on vacation. They may even listen because they are unable to read. If your book is in audio format, you can reach those people. They can live in the world that you create and now has never been a better time for people to escape in your audiobook.

Reason 3: Audiobooks grow your business

Once your audiobook is created, it will generate revenue for your business. Whether you’re a professional writer or someone who is doing it for fun, your audiobook can generate income for years, even decades. It’s a smart investment. As of this writing, there are over 470,000 titles for sale on Audible (one of the leading marketplaces in the world). You could easily have your titles on there and expand your fanbase.

How do I produce my book?

Great question! Audiobook production begins with your manuscript. First, we will discuss your book length. I work with word count. For your reference, I normally read about 10,000 words per finished hour. So if you have a 35,000 word book, the estimated finished time (when all the mistakes are taken out) is 3.5 hours.

So we will discuss your book, desired deadline and my rate for the project. Once we agree on work, I’ll start reading your book and then produce the first 15 minutes. You will listen, give any feedback and then I’m off to the races. You will get to hear the finished book and provide any changes. Any major revisions have to happen during the first 15 approval. Audiobooks are very large projects, so we have to get the details right from the start.
Once the book is done, I can help you get it on and get your book to the world!

Hear my samples:

Why go with me?

My audiobooks have sold over 18,000 copies and I’ve made the best seller list on Audible. If I’m the right sound you’re looking for, I want to help you get your book into audio format. Let’s make your audiobook. Let’s work together.

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