Explainer Voiceover

What is an explainer video?

For lack of better wording, I will explain what an explainer video is. It is a video that introduces your product or service to the world. It explains what it is, how it helps people and how people can purchase all of your remaining inventory. It’s a carefully crafted video that is 2-5 minutes long (long enough to explain what you do and why it’s important). Important: this video is your first impression. Sometimes it is your only chance of winning a customer.

Why do I need you?

Okay, so you don’t need me. But I’m here to help and sometimes it’s the right voice that can make all the difference. As I said earlier, this could be your one shot at winning the customer. You want to take your best and put it in front of the customer. This includes the voice talking about your thing.

Ok Evan I need you for my explainer video

Excellent, that is what I want to hear! Contact me today and we will chat about it. Thanks for reading this far 😉

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