What is ElevenLabs and how can you use it for Text to Speech and AI Generated Voiceovers?

ElevenLabs logo - an AI voiceover generation company.

What is Eleven Labs

ElevenLabs is an online tool that you can generate a voiceover with just text. So you type in your message and it spits out an audio recording using AI (artificial intelligence) generated voices.

What’s it about?

They have several different plans, from totally free (with limits) to enterprise plans (which you have to contact for pricing). I have no doubt that content creators will use this service now that it exists. There is now a market for people who want AI generated voiceovers. Their software can generate voices in 29 different languages.

Do I have to pay?

If you want to use the AI generated voiceovers for commercial purposes, you have to either upgrade to a paid plan or put in your content title that you used their software (free subscribers).

What if I’m a voiceover actor?

If you’re a voiceover person, you can even license your voice to them if that’s something you want to do. They’ll pay you a royalty for every minute someone uses your voice clone. You can choose the length of years your license will run and have control over who uses your AI generated clone voice. So if that’s a route you want to choose, it is there for you.

Final thoughts

Generative AI is creating new marketplaces and new dynamics. Once again, we have something for everyone. ElevenLabs is on the forefront of Generative AI voiceovers.

*Note, by clicking the link to ElevenLabs, I am paid a commission for anyone who signs up for a paid subscription.

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